10 Tylenol Gelcaps Only $3

Wow, what does it cost to get rid of a headache and not just put the nerve synapses out of your misery for 4 hours?  $100

This is not a price we came to based on a group of folk that aren’t you.  This is your own doing.  As far as you’re being blind, see a doctor.  For the dishonesty, eh, you and your listeners seem to enjoy that so carry on.

But you’ll have to carry on without me cause I got self-respect.  Sure, self-respect causes a lot of eye-rolls from my peers,  but I’m grown and I don’t give a shit.  If I do, you’ll know cause you’ll see my eyes rolling back.  

I’m guessing you know this is the best chance you’ve got of seeing my eyes roll back so keep trying.  And for the low low price of $5.99, I’ll throw in mouth-wide-open. Price is negotiable on an “Oh God”. 

Now let’s see the negative attention I get from friends that are not yours…..