Picture Page

I always wanted to do a picture page with Bill Cosby.  I wrote and asked for one once, but they wrote back and said I needed an adult’s permission. Dummies, I said I was 27 on the form.  I was 7.

I also drew Tippy around the same time.  THEY sent me a letter saying I had won a scholarship to art school. I ripped it up and threw it away cause I didn’t want to get in trouble for impersonating a grown up. 

Oh well, screw those idiots.  This big girl could already light the pilot light under the stove.  So, with a quick disclaimer promising not to drug anyone who reads, looks or comments, the following is my picture page:






Thinking about throwing in the towel. I think about that a lot, truly.

Raw, I goofed when trying to get some of my pics over here. I hit capture instead, so I saud, “hey, what the heck, what i looked like when i made page.”

Above’s a first update. 

Who I am, nutshelll…. nah, I don’t fit in nutshells. Well, I could make a dress out of nutshells with a drill and elastic strips.

My life, Cody.

There’s someone outside my house RIGHT NOW. Also heard police sirens. Hey, they’re hiding in the bushes under the front bedroom window!!!

Just remembered the kids often leave my door unlocked, so it’S been unlocked for 3 hours, 20 minutes of which someone was/is/has been under window, behind bush.

I actually don’t remember doodling this one.
I do remember doodling this one. We’ll title it ‘dear topeka’. Yeah, all lowercase works.

 I do remember doodling this. I used the two pic types in my editor called ‘moody’ and ‘negative’.

I was so sad. Well, I often am these days.
Thought I’d better post one where I was happy. Apparently I still am ‘hiding’ my smile. I didn’t think about that when choosing this pic.
Yeah, this one’s self explanatory.
I drew angel wings on myself and changed colors and styles till I got a bunch, chose three and put them on a doodle page.
I did NOT get these guys’ permission to fuck with their pic and post it here. Hahahaha…..
Theirs’ either, but if you know any of them, tell them I said ‘thanks for your service.’
A collaberation. Now I realize some of those pics scream ‘LOOK AT ME’, but bare in mind, they are not necessarily addressing you.

That’s all for now. I’ll add newer ones at the top occasionally.

What?  Aw, you wanted porn, did you?  Not happening. I run a childcare business.  Besides, I ain like that.