Including Kissing the Wind  (kinder and gentler) and The Gateway (less hostile, but not as sweet as Kissing, fka lotsa shit smoke or hazy related).

FYI – If you know who I am, but won’t tell me who you are, creepy, bye. Don’t take it personally.  It’s about a stalker(s).

FYI – I may seem angry sometimes, all the time or often.  See stalker reference above.

FYI – The anger thing seems to be making itself permanent and guess who doesn’t like it. 

FYI: My moods are mostly black and white (that description is so racist, we need a better system). There are very few shades of gray, fewer as the poop piles deepen daily (better, never met a gray person).

FYI: I used to be to nice. I do believe there is such a thing. But I have spent more than half of my life living in a town that disagrees. When in Rome, I guess. Their loss.

More FYI’s as they come up.