Aggrevating Factors, Dilemmas (if you came to disturb my world, read this and don’t let the door hit ya)

Things I NEVER tolerate:

  • Sexual Harrassment on any level
  • Assumptions and/or Expectations of the same
  • Narcissism, selfishness, self-serving agendas.
  • Abuse: Physical, Verbal, Emotional, Sexual, Domestic, Animal, Child, Elder, All of it!
  • Bullies & bullying.
  • Spies, Russian or Otherwise (the dead ones, turns out,  i bear no ill will with)
  • Ah-ah. Death first. Scoot along. 
  • Disappearing bodies, both the blog kind and real life.  Unless you’ve impeded upon my right to life, liberty and I’ve asked you to jump off earth.  Then feel free to disappear.
  • Threats of death or other violent acts. They are NEVER forgiven, so don’t push your luck.
  • Idiots making promises they will not keep. No, i will not come to you, dear. This whole thing was your idea. So I’ll only kick your ass on my turf, your dime, my time.
    There’s one that really takes the cake though. Being blamed for my own heartache and refused an explanation is the thing that simply kills.

  • __________________________(TAKING SUGGESTIONS)