Cease & Desist Jeffrey Michael Patton

I am hereby ordering you,

Jeffrey Michael Patton
SW Beverly Court
Topeka, Kansas

to cease all communications to and about me, which constitute stalking and libel as of 06/18/2017.  This has been an ongoing issue for over one year.

You are also to stop hacking my Internet accounts, remove all spy equipment and take down all plagiarized material.

Failure to do so will result in court order and potentially prosecution.

Keri Covington

I Was Hoping We Could Be Pleasant

But apparently we’ll be doing this by the book. 

Threats will not frighten me. 

I shall have to be, assertive nu employing aggressors. 

Bring in the cavalry!!!

To be continued

There’s plenty more, plus the one picture, the one that would get me banned from most sites. Anytime. Not tonight though. Kinda busy.


remember this one, and this one



There Ain’t No I In Us Nor We

Some people cling
while some prefer to sling
ignorant what I might bring.
Some need to hold
others think it bold
about me noone has been told.
Some people will lie
while others wish to buy
bloody hell, at least the liars try.
But when the wind slows
regardless of what and who knows
all will wear similar tags on our toes.
-Bury one ceremonially
-others to ash infernally
-hell spat thine frigid eternally.


Your choice

Do what you want
just whatever
not like I have to see it
i’ll never feel any of it
still so strangled by the pain of life
the numbing i get from your coldness
leaves me no feelings of pain or depth
just nausea
vomitous feeling of words put in my mouth
they won’t stay down
words like

i who feels nothing but sick
i can’t
noone gives me a chance to feel anything
before choking me with foul interpretation
i can’t
i shouldn’t
my life
no it’s his
get your hands off my throat
i need to breathe to survive
i don’t want this life
put your hand down my throat
feel my heart, pull it out
it’s yours now
take care of it
i have to go now
can i keep the words
love and hate



dead now is that which inspired

wreath for both mine and yours

capital letters scarcely immune

punctuation gone into hiding

for a freedom which binds and stifles

place my tongue inside a tomb

seal it with only a kiss

would a kiss have been so deadly

now we will never have known


Yes, Goal!!!! 

Oh, didn’t see you there.  You’ve got to stop scaring me like that. I almost spilled my Dr Pepper.  A girl’s Dr Pepper is sacred.  Kind of like a dude and his, say, car.  You can have your car. I just need my Dr Pepper. And this chair. And the remote control.  And I don’t need anything else. Except my dog.  I really do need my dog.  And that’s all I need. 

Oh, what I came in here about. The package arrived!  It’s at the house.  A little smaller than expected?  I’m gonna need to borrow someone’s car. 

This had better not be some elaborate tale. I hate liars. This could ruin, oh, I knew something would screw up my latest escape plan.  I will not live under the same roof as a fucking liar. 

I won’t.  Oh, by the way, I have a truck, so I don’t need anyone’s car. Notice how I fessed up on that within the same blog I said I needed it in?  I’m a tease, not a fucking liar, sooo.

Anyway, the package.  I’m talking with customer service and T sounds like they shipped what I ordered, so hopefully all’s well. See ya tomorrow.  Not you.  


Inhale, Nothing, Can’t Pack It In, Something, Exhale

(Exhale… I keep
forgetting to breathe.)

Two Of A Kind was one of my favorite movies when I was like twelve, But i did worship Olivia Newton-John and, in fact, was all planning to be her one day perhaps if I ever grow up. Ask anyone, I sang just like her. I’ll never be her, but at least I am me and I happen to think me’s a great thing to be. Peace! -me-

I wanna say this, but then I’d have to add that. Sometimes the best thing to say is just nothing.


7 was my theme. I was getting to something I keep putting off due to stress. It was supoosed to start tomorrow, but I feel like it’s a bad idea right now. Tentatively rescheduled to sometime in winter of 2018/19.

Come take my hand
you should know me
I’ve always been in your mind
You know I will be kind
I’ll be guiding you
Building your deeam
has to start now
I’ll come anytime you call
I’ll catch you when you fall
I’ll be guiding you
Have to believe we ate magic
Nothing can stand in our way
Have to believe we are magic

Damn, you get the idea. Abracadabra, I went with a different plan. I’m not catching, guiding or in any way giving two fucks about anyone.  I don’t know them. I cannot trust them. I’ll just step to the left and let your ass fall.


I was trying to avoid this. It seems sll wrong to play on mu blog, at this time. But damn, I do love this song.

I’m the one ya want

That’s all I wanna be

So c’mon, baby

Nononono, stop it!

(It’s hard for me, biting my tongue. C’mon, I admit that I really suck at that. But I’m trying. Sooooo .. god, I don’t know what to do with my hands and my brain and, to many words and they’re wordy.)

Well, son of a inpregnated dog…. that shit helped. I totally remembered without my reminders, like 100 times each, inhale and exhale.

I may still have a lil bit of nice left. I hope nothing and noone sends me spiralling back into the floor. If it is one at all, this is my one last comeback, will never recover if I take one more blow.

But I am Keri, not Kira, and I 100% DO NOT know for certain, for sure.

Summer Dreams ripped at the seams, but, oh, those summer niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiights.

Sorry. If it helps I’m type-singing cause in reality I’ve been losing my voice.

Oh god, please don’t let this be my death warrant.

They sat and watched me unravel at the seams. I can never forget that.