A few updates…

About that survival thing this morning…yeah, went and renewed drivers license (no line, no waiting room stories), then to Walmart.  NOW I have a blister on my heel.  There’ll be no more walks for a week or so. 

So …

Update #1: didn’t survive walk as I had previously thought.

Update #2:  No waiting room blogs will be forthcoming.

Update #3: Club crackers in da house.

Apologies….  as explained before, apologies mean I would do things different if I could go back. So I’m really only sorry I did not survive the walk.  I am not sorry there was no line to renew my license nor that I got crackers. 

Club Cracker

Now you!  I would never join such an exclusive club for racists.

I do, however, have a mad craving for a Keebler Club Cracker or two. 

I won’t eat everything in the house.  I will not.  I will go do my list of shit I’ve got to stop putting off.  I only put them off yesterday cause I was sick.  Today, straight up 8:00 a.m., I get shit done.  One of those things will include Walmart’s cracker aisle.

I’m sure most of the day I will be in a certain waiting room, making for a very long, very depressing blog.  I can’t say if I will post it or delete it.  Depends.  Possible titles: 

  • “7 Thoughts Not To Think Aloud In Waiting Rooms”
  • “7 Types of People In Waiting Rooms”
  • “7 Tips To Get You In & Out Of The _____ ________ ________ More Expediently”
  • “Reasons One Should Not Limit Oneself To 7 Of Anything (including club crackers)”

I will be needing to get rid of this headache.  Maybe I should go join the druggies at Walmart now.  I’m probably the actual reason they are open 24 hours. Some of us sleep days, work nights, and sometimes get a nightday off to grocery shop.  But it’s so dark and their parking lot is littered with druggies who rob people.  Maybe I’ll wait till the sun comes up.  It’s just three hours away.

But I want my crackers now!


Unknown, for those facing midterms & finals

by unknown person
from memory
haven’t actually seen this since 6th grade (more than 30 years ago)

Now I lay me down to study
I pray the Lord I don’t go nutty
If I do don’t pity me at all
Just lay my bones in study hall
Now I lay me down to rest
I pray the Lord I pass this test
If I should die before I wake
That’s one less test I’ll have to take


This too shall pass.
Speaking of passing, get off WordPress and go study.
Good luck!