OMG, Girl, Who Do You Get To Do Your Thinking?

Being a grown up doesn’t mean you can’t play.  No way.  Of course you should keep a part of your inner child alive and well. That’s why exercise and a balanced die- yeah, I don’t know where I was going with that. Exercise your mind to exorcize your “demons”. Don’t feed them after midnight and don’t get them wet. I’m going astray. I’ve got to get ahold of myself.

Being a grown up means you don’t don’t play with other peoples’ lives, souls, hearts and families like a bunch trolls led by the nose; little lambs to a slaughter.  It’s easy to see where some receive their education. Modern “parenting” of modern kids. Kids are raising themselves and each other based on a total lack of principals which they’ve learned watching their “parents” drive. So I don’t appeal to unappealing parents.

My appeal is to their appaulling kids. It isn’t to late for you to get your shit together. If it feels wrong it probably is. If you love him you’ll still do what feels right in your heart. Don’t fuck with people out of jealousy and spite. Live and let live. People nowadays will shoot your children in the face while you watch. So, for their sake, act like a fucking human being.

Think for yourself. Don’t be led by the nose. You aren’t chattel. Apparently, I am, but maybe you don’t have to be. You could be a grown ass or a grown man. You cannot be both. That’s my rule as a very stubborn chattel; very fucking stubborn. I am not made to bend metaphorically. Physically, I bend better than your average young, clingy, adorable anaconda. But that’s not what I’ve come here to tell you. Think for yourself.


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