It is a shame, and the reason I never date, that the men of this town assume the way to my heart is through demands and vile words. It is a shame they cannot take no way in hell for an answer. Because I could have given one of them more love than he could have ever dreamed. But very few of them in my 25 years here have gotten as far as to even ask me my name before I have had to sick the police on them.  And all the women in this town think I’m such a bitch. Well, I am now. Thank you.  

Of course this last one was just playing a game to keep his girlfriend happy. Seems she’s beyond bitch. A real little twat, she is.  Not to give off the imptession she isn’t a real loose one.  She really is. And if you ask rudely, she does all the work with every cavity she has to offer. She’ll do all of you all with a smile and a wink if you’ll take off her bib and wipe her eyelashes from the last one. Cause all she wants is to be loved.  She’s killed herself at least twice for Mr Wrong. The funerals were cancelled cause she was never as deceased as she is dead.

It takes a special art to survive in this town and that’s not really what I’d call art.


3 thoughts on “ASSumption

    1. Wish I could. You can’t just pack up and leave without your family. Well, I can’t. Apparently, it takes suicide attempts to get anyone’s attention and with many even that won’t do.


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