Fool’s Paradise

They say the smarter you are, the less common sense you have and vice versa.  I always saw proof of that when I lived in Topeka, Kansas.  Pretty much everyone there, however, is a moron with no common sense.  In fact, they set the low end of the curve of what construes common sense as well as the low end if the Intelligence Quotient. 

If you don’t believe me, you haven’t been there nor have you seen the politicians coming out of there.  Turn on the tv. Do not go there in person. You may never get out.  It is the wretched torture chamber just beneath hell.  The devil himself won’t go down there. 

One thing I’ve noticed about those you may actually have become acquainted with from there looked up five or six words in the dictionary that is tumblr so they could fake like they’re smart.  These words are: aesthetic, paradox, dystopian, dichotomy, labyrinth and enigmatic. These are the ones I see used repeatedly leaving evidence it’s them again still annoying me. There are others, but they are associated with math so it’s not surprising they would be fond of those: algorithm. And, yes, I know and used to love math. So…


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