I believe Avon has a product for

that thing which irritates your

ASS feathers.

They got an intensive, moisturizing

cream for that.

Color your life less wonderful.

Luster abides my skin.

I feel a pirouette surfacing.

A swan dipped in the stream.

Looking out upon

an ugly duck’s

irritated ASS feathers.


Devilishly I balked at the wind in my sails.

I laughed and I played and I dealt with their ways.

I savored the moments they coddled over the years.

I noticed they noticed and wished they hadn’t revered.

Once did they love me then all was afault.

Once was I noticed as a work of art.

Then along came a day I was placed in the dark.

Fear of my skin, of my traits, of my thought.

Never a question, just assumptions and greed.

No longer did they render my heart any heed.

I had blossomed unto a spirit all my own.

Unabashed and seeking the world with a flash.

Ambitious to live a life of some dreams.

I did not know yet what I sought, just a dream.

Nor how such dreams, by what means to achieve.

But they did not like this dream for myself. 

I was enslaved, beaten, cursed and cut up.

Unsolicited “advice”, it was all that I heard.

Except that sound of my tears with each crash, every burn.

The beatings severe so as to make me understand.

I am not my own person, I am there to ease their tension.

Not my own person, not my own tension, appaulling.

My fault always, it was always my fault.

Big girls do not cry, oh no, not at all.

Stand up and take it, for only the weak fall.

Do better, make me proud, don’t you dare humiliate.

Go back, try again, why can’t you equate?

Alas the tears fall like white rivers with falls.

Alas the dams open wide open to show.

And now they’re afraid.  I’m afraid it’s too late.

My life so much ends with a forensic debate.

Have fun in your foolishness, enjoy fathoming my fate.

More unsolicited advice than I ever could take.

Let me ask you something or for once, for once I will say.

Do you think maybe, just once, do you think you may?

Favor returned, to you shall I say, not willl you….

I command you to have a nice day.


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