Cause we’ve at least figured out 7 things that dont work.

1. Do not back her into a corner. This fixes nothing.

2. Do not yell. I don’t care if she is being loud. You hush.

3. Do not judge. You may know a lot, but you will never know everything that she is dealing with, thinking, feeling.

4. Do not touch. No, not at all.

5. Do not talk about her parents. That is one problem she has to deal with on her own terms.

6. Do not tell her she’s faking or being dramatic. She knows how she feels.

7. Do not threaten anything ever. No no, nothing.

What does help?

Have you tried the old shut up and listen approach. Offer options and don’t say shit if she turns then down. 

You haven’t tried that? What the hell?


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