The Fabulougreatif il Ones, One, Singular

I enjoy the smart, excuse me,

The less than complete boneheads.

I don’t see them often anymore.

When I do, they knew me before this, eh.

But this time it’s the other way around.

And she makes fun of them too.

Oh they don’t even see it. 

How do I ever get bored?

I live in a world full of leaderless followers.

They’ve been following air so long they

Don’t even realize they’re chasing

Their own empty heads and nodding.

With pleasure, they entertain.

Makes me glad their votes don’t count.

If you are one of those extremely rare gems.

Just smile, nod, smile, nod, sneak away…

Good to see ya.  See ya at the next show.

Oh, the show never ends.  I wanna roll credits.

Yeah, it’s more fun this way.

Wouldn’t want our idiots to shut up.

That’d be boring.  Carry on.  Bravo!

Huh? Shhh…

Throw ’em some fish heads or something. 

Oh, Bravo!!!  Improv!!!  You mean…

This lunacy isn’t scripted?  Simply amazing.


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