Fuck You Brad Cullpepper, Monica’s A Saint..

Sara, an honest cop, barely bigger than me, risking her life every day pulling over new yorkers, not for the power, but for the public’s safety. 

Troyzan, love him. 

Debbie, nut.

Ozzy, I respect your opinion. 

Tai, love you, hope Sara buys you a chicken ranch. 

Aubry, blonde, hpw many times did you ask Sara how she xould switch off from honest to deceptive knowing she’s a cop and that outwit is part of the game, like police work.  How, the police academy taught her that.  Why?  For a paycheck.  How does she sleep at night?  Knowing every single one of you did the same thing and are just mad cause she did it better and, dammit, women aren’t supposed to be smart and deceptive. Cops are supposed to be assholes ALL THE TIME.  She’s like 5’3″.  How dare she serve you your own medicine with shoes on. bearing your fruit, making you a sammich and taking your crap when you had to hear crap from your boss, just like she did hers all day. 

What a bunch of fucked up peoole this season! 

In case I wasn’t clear, Fuck You, Brad Cullpepper!  I think Buddha would agree.



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