Literally has been one of my go to words since I was barely 9 or 10.  Now literally every teen and young adult uses it way to often and they literally don’t even know what it means.  Here’s a tip:  It doesn’t mean truly, really or madly.  It literally doesn’t.  Please stop saying literally till you literally know what it means.

Literally is an adverb meaning word-for-word, precisely, exactly, as in not kind of like, but very much like. 

Adverb, not all, but most words that end in ly.  Sly and silly are not adverbs.  Educationally is if it is, in fact, a word.  I think it is.  I might look it up later.  I probably will.  Probably is an adverb.  Look it up. 😉 It probably does not mean literally.  No, it literally does not. They are simply both adverbs, as is simply, but not dolly. 

This just in.  Educationally is, in fact, a word.  In this blog is likely the first time I ever used it.  Again, educationally is a word, an adverb which hopes you know when and when not to say literally

Please learn to use “your” words correctly, so that you don’t literally drive me crazy.  Regardless of what your mother told you, they are not your words.  They are our words. Use them right, correctly actually.

Didn’t I read somewhere that writers should avoid adverbs?


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