1. My first inpression of a person is the one my heart chooses and usually becomes my regret later on.

2. My brain knows my first impression of a person is based on an act, simply what they want me to believe. I rarely listen to my brain.

3. People go far deeper than what you can sense from a first impression.  All people are as complicated as you are yourself.

4. To act on your first impression of me is likely to get you into trouble with me. You won’t like this. Keep it to yourself.

5. I’m not easy to impress. Trying to hard is a turn off. Be yourself, even if that means being an asshole. I’d prefer to know up front.

6. Regarding #5, you probably don’t believe that as I am very good at pretending to like people who have done nothing to cross me, such as acting on their first impression of me.

7.  I’m truly impressed you’re still reading this. Doesn’t mean I like you. I’m just impressed.


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