Different People

Do you ever just sit and ponder unbelievable type people?

Do you ever just wonder, like, do they think of the future? Do they think at all?  And you see how their scheming often involves tales intended to draw pity, but you know to pity them would be to fail them. Because you can see how these people operate solely on pity.  In those same acts they continue to set themselves up for future failure, often by alienating members of their society to a point of not being trusted or pitied by those they will have to turn to one day in the future.

It’s sad to watch. But I do always enjoy the day people I’ve said these words to only to have them laugh in ignorance, one day have to come to me as last resort. And, believe it or not, when it comes to such extreme arrogant ignorants, I laugh in their faces and watch them get eaten alive. It’s easy to turn away such fools and to laugh at the downfall of the prideful.

Easy even for an empath like myself. 

Well, they say it takes all kinds. I guess these gluttons for punishment are a necessity for the revolution of the world.   So I sit here and watch them as though through a television screen, as though they follow scripts, as I cannot believe people are truly this stupid.

But they are.



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