Cynics May Rest

It seems some may still be under the impression the truth of my feelings is other than those I have stated repeatedly.  You are all STILL quite wrong.  The truth is not subject to change  and, therefore, you may all go on home and read those novels which have you convinced a single woman must be madly in love with every man she sees cause this single woman doesn’t believe such hullabaloo.  Don’t let the door hit ya.

If there had been any feelings whatsoever,  they certainly would have been squashed by all these lies and games. No, no, you cannot revive what never existed. 

Apologies have been clearly denied me and thus will not win my hand at such a late date. I do not feign interest again.  To much of my time has been wasted on further acts of putrid denial. To many vile remarks have been made in my direction, apologies for which are not forthcoming, nor would they sound at all realistic, non-fabricated for the sake further attempt at deception.

Keep your filth, your smut and your attempts to deceive.  I think it is abundantly clear that my intellect does not wish to play with your drug addiction, nor to pay for any further fixes.  You still owe me for you May 18, 2013 fix.

Good day.


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