Imagine the collaboration of the me, myself & I of you.

Add the image I, myself and me to the mixture of the.

Set aside all that is beautiful and call it the future.

Closure of past us must be for the sake of sextupling we.

You said what you know and believe, you’re correct.

With cards face up, tabled, do not repeat history.

There’s already been attempts blundered in vengeance.

I’ll fade without a name, so lead me not to mystery.

Have I not proven my ears and mind always fully open?

Is there any doubt I’ve succumbed, no fight left in me?

I stopped dreaming last November, no belief, lost hope.

Oxygen written off, unforeseen miracles I can’t breathe.

You can’t touch and heal hearts stuck below sea level.

While you climb mounts civil of technology, namelessly.

The joke was told, punchline, laughter, all far in the past.

Why add to it now as though old jokes can stretch witty.

Use your time wisely, lest the grave come claim the prize.

Collaborations of you, left solitary I, my, me to bleed.

Once bleeding no more, veins return void to a heart.

You can’t tie a bloodless heart to one that still bleeds.

Not the two, and not the sextupling, half so near dead.

Couragous One adversery world;  gave in to brutality.

Now remember the beautiful future formerly set aside.

Fill it with what-ifs of your choice, if you’re still to busy.
















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