Everything Is Temporary

Everything in my life is temporary as is life itself. I have never had one thing become permanent. Even when people have promised me permanence, they were liars. Thus everyone I meet is a temporary liar.

Right now I am temporarily taking a break from what I am temporarily doing just this one time because not a damned thing ever goes anywhere.

The one permanent thing in my life is the theory that nothing is permanent, that all things are temporary.  If something permanent happens, such as my death, my temporary streak would end, thus making that temporary too.

Death, while it may seem inevitable, in my case, may not be.  It would be to convenient.  My luck ran out long ago so I doubt I’ll get lucky and die one day ending my temporary streak. I’d say you’ll see, but you won’t. You’ll die without seeing me live forever in temporiness.

Sorry to have to tell you that. I hope you already knew.



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