Win, Win, I Win

Did I forget to mention that I never lose?  Nope, I was always clear about my winning streak.  Seems April and Jeff just aren’t believers.  That’s not my problem.

By the way, they said you never showed up to make good on your promises…the people renting my old house. I asked and they said you didn’t show up.  You said you were coming, that you were on your way.  They have no reason to lie. They said you’ve never been there.  And the video backs up their statement. 

Should I tell them you’re coming now.  I just collected rent, but I have to be getting home.  It’s just down the road a bit.  Nice new house.  I may hang this picture of the two of you in my office.  It’s a picture neither of you have seen.  It’s a pictureof one of you doing something to the other.  Did you even know about this picture?  I’m told you did do not.

All these fictions, makes one wonder just what the truth is.  No, I think I know.



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