People are not property and do not belong to anyone.

Are there still some people who believe they can own another person?

No need to answer if you are from the southern states.  You are the same morons who thought Trump would save your blue collar jobs.  You’re clueless.  Go on, it’s not your fault.  You trust those who provided your childhood education, your elementary schools taught what they wanted you to believe before you got the right to vote or become the corporate vote.  Take your genius to the hiring line.  I don’t mind owning, I mean hiring you.

But I won’t take my pants off for anyone who hasn’t a brain and a mind of his own.

it shows as my pants have been on for most of my life, especially the part spent residing in Topeka, Kansas where legends are born, myths are believed and women are  slaves. 

Do you see me pour your wine? Do you feel my inclination?  I am noone’s idiot. I have a mind of my own.  I’ll be continuing to use it.  Won’t be needing a southern ho’s.  Won’t need a midwesterners.  The one in my head is of both and yet way ahead.  Maybe I’m asian.  Must be.  I seem terribly advanced to the diseased minds which still continue to try and play me. 

Why are you still making an ass of yourself, sweetheart? Do you not know how stupid and foolish you look? 

Oh well, carry on if you like.  I cannot say I’m not amused by it.

The only people to say they loved me meant it. I do not get hurt by fools. I am the only person who can hurt me. Don’t you have some ridiculous countdown to get back to?


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