She lays it on thick

No, not brick by brick, I mean

She’s gotten around

She lays every man in town

Does she know how to say no?
Don’t reckon she does

But I have on more question

Does she know who’s who

Who walks in this pair of shoes 

If’n she don’t, no wonder

I’m disinclined to

Humor a small mind like the

One that knows nothing but fuck

Do her yourself then run far

She likes to fake pregnancies

Mirror, mirror, tall

Tell me what you saw the day

You sent the absent

Minded person’s notation

The one they thought thrown away

I’ll keep them at bay

Just a little while longer

See what they might say

They’ve not held their tongues, not once

Not since that September day

Who knows what ‘morrow

Will bring to these hearts combined

Right here and right now

Reep and harvest honestly

The past is best left behind 
You must want that too

I know cause her action’s proof

Here’s what you should do

You do not need a pen you see

Now go check out Honestly


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