Night Moves

(Oh. Sorry I didn’t see you watching me. You shouldn’t  be. You’re unwanted here, buffoon.) Apologies to the rest of you. You shouldn’t have to witness that.
I’m staying under my blanket this chilly morning looking forward to the arrival of a little body heat.  We’ve just about finished the exterior of the structure and I’m taking the day off.

Questions body heat left with me to ponder (me, the procrastinator from [hell, no, something witty, clever, not worn put let’s get back to this later]): 

1. Favorite food, movie, color, pasttime, song of all time:

2. Most embarrassing moment ever:

3. If I could get family and financial cooperation, where would I most want to move to and spend the rest of my life:

4. What do I do with all the quiet me time I have nightly besides the obvious internet surfing:

5. Besides him, what was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done/said to/for/about me:

Wow!  Some of these are to personal for some of my readers, especially the one with the binoculars reading over the shoulder of another, you there. Yes you. Bugger off.

Let’s start with number 1, and if I’m honest, that’s probably where I’ll stop also.  Color is purple and has been since 6th grade. Food, dude hasn’t been listening.  Say it with me…Ice Cream.. thank you. Movie is Interview With The Vampire. For pasttime, uh, I assume he means other than trying to type/social networkingm So…m swimming I’ve always enjoyed. Song, fave, all time…hmmm…The Long And Winding Road, I guess. Hard to choose as I love so many.

Skipping 2 for our purposes here. Moving on to 3, I would probably say New Zealand.

No need to skip 4. Seems easy enough. The only things else I do while everyone else sleeps, tiptoe around doing laundry and picking up toys, sippy cups, whatever got left on the floor.

I am so not getting into number 5 with just anybody. So, without further adieu, have a blessed day.

No groovin along>


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