A Killer Of 3:00 a.m. Time

They can’t take my heart
From me nor fake of their own
Your jealousy shows

Finally made fly
Been there the whole time hiding
Thought you’d never show

Drive that winding road
pistols and ammunition
In your helpless hands

Don’t knock on my door
They have never heard of you
Those who live there now

Just outside of town
I bought me a piece of land
That I now call home

Don’t look around town
The people there all saw it
That picture of you

It’s five after thre
In the early hours of morn
I think of a friend

Never have respected
Anyone I tossed aside
It was the their lies

I know it’s not time
I have no more rhyme for you
I found another

So put out the light
Say your last goodnight to the
one beyond your reach


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