Bury the hatchet
The deeper the better
Don’t mean in a back
Dark, heartless things
Couldn’t be any deader
No matter to me
Just wanted the money
The rest in the head
Of blubber, the dummy

Don’t mind what is said

Bury the hatchet

Bury the dead
Get on with my life
No time to waste
I know who I am
Whom I can depend on
Lay the roots of an
Oak, strong and stout
Atop their gravesight
So they cannot get out
Become pesky bother
Don’t want what they sell
It’s worthless to me
Zombified methheads
Thick heads like a tree

Final words to a zombie
Take your threats and
Your bullshit and stick
Them up your ass
Like the machine in
The picture you
Took for me last
It’s getting around
You’re such a failure
Don’t bother me now
Or I’ll serve it up colder
Wouldn’t want me to send
Copies to your mother?

So just smile.

Only you can prevent forest fires.

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