1. Gary is my ex because he turned an old lady into a little lamb.

2. David is my ex because he couldn’t quit acting like he wasn’t a man.

3. Then let’s see, where were we. Jeff’s not an ex, per se; well yes he is, yes.

4. Way back when, so was Bill then, I guess.

5. Oh my, that Dan, there’s a man. They said bottle that. You’ll make good money.

Come to think of it both Dan and Jeff sold that; how funny.

6. Oh yes, never forget about Giles. He’s kind of my ex, nah, really he’s Stacy’s.

7. Which bring’s us to Troy. Never mine. He was Stacy’s too, but with my help now he’s Tracy’s.

One way or the other I guess one might say

I’ve known and made plenty of exes in my day.

I think I might even like it this way. 

You wouldn’t want to go for a swim at the bay?

Oh, don’t be afraid, you  just might be in luck.

There may be a cute boy you could buck.

Why you, autocorrect now you know I meant duck.

I’ll replace you computer, I say, what the chuck!!!!



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