I knew nothing of woe till that dreadful day.

Spike my coffee. Spike my tea.

Spike my enything, my everything .

Before you dare spike my interest

Spike it just as much as it takes

To make me lose touch

You can walk, you can talk, 

But you can’t have my last shot

I need it to sleep I need some more prankS

Haven’T had enough, take the shot and spike this

Throw your hands up and run from your lies

So you forget those responses

Of the pain and the memory

Never to feel again.

My heart now a total disgrace.

You see what’s been effaced

Was the very thing that you stole

That made it possible in the first place

Now gone, shattered

Not that it matters

To you after all all I do

Is a burden to you and them

But no candle can it hold

To the burden unfolded by

What they have shattered in me.

What they took WAS me.

It was me, so go ahead

Take the shot and spike

the hell out of my tea.


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