1. ​Will You Love Me Forever
  2. Will You Love Me Forever….
  3. Will You Love Me Forever………

Far from that easy

Waiting on you please.

If it’s broken records you’re into, Meatloaf’ll hafta do

I waited on you??

To return the $100, ttue.

Didn’t say hi to you at Walmart

What you were doing, not smart.

Or at B-Dubs 

Why would i go to your house, get snubbrd

GO AHEAD TRY and save face.

I said you were playing games in the first place.

I live 10 minutes away. 

Sorry thats to much of your day

To pay what you stole so 

Nobody’s that slow

Ya lost the bet and me, sure.

But the girl, you wouldn’t give 10 minutes for her.

Get real, grow up, be real.

Your girl posts how ya feel

Dont see that either?

Your blind.

If that’s all you got

Leave the stalking behind.

The threats can go too.

Unless, you like silver bracelets, fool.


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