This woman did not tell me she needed me to watch these boys tonight. She dropped them and all their stuff and left them. I almost called the police on them. The autistic boy kept opening my door, the other kept closing it back. All i see are the hands on the knob over and over. They’re 13, plenty big enough hands for me to freak out a little bit. Well, i finally got changed out of the really, really, short, short shorts.  

It’s 10:30 on a Tuesday evening. Do you know where your last nerve is?  Do you know those people who are jumping on it? 

Heh, I get paid for that!!!

7 Reasons I love my job.

7. The money is cool when it doesn’t suck.

6. Makes those rare occasions when I can see the bottom of my kitchen sink feel like moments on the beaches of Rio.

5. Those times kids “tell”…. for example, “I got to ride in a police car with daddy once.”

4. The toddlers can’t pronounce my name. They call me Kiwi.  

3. At 10:30, it’s all quiet and I tiptoe around the most innocent little faces.

2. Not everybody can say they’ve turned a child’S life around with words and steered them into a more positive direction.

1. The kids…NUFF SAID!


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