Wanna bore me away? Try some of these previously proven methods (not that there were cuffs or tape involved).

#7 Tell me about the time you served in Revolutionary War and both World Wars while drunk spitting in my beer.

#6  Tell me all about your ex and what a cunt she was and how you need someone like me level headed and sweet.

#5. Tie/tape/cuff me to a chair and force me to watch football all day.

#4 Tape/tie me to the floor and make me get your teenage daughter to explain to me the trouble with boys.

#3 Hey, let’s all drink beer, do shots, sit still and watch this Bonaza matathon.

#2 Make-up, fashion, most sports and I believe I mentioned gossip, hate, loath, detest. Leave it on the golf course please.


Just keep up whatever you’re currently doing. That seems to be working fine.

(DISCLAIMER: These are not aimed at anyone in particilar. Especially #1 which is directed a the group, all everybody ad in nobody has entertained me in years; not more than the time it takes to resd blogs, that is.)


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