This is gonna have to be more like a diary, cause fuck people, tbat’s why.

Tonight is the first night Nathan and Nathaniel stay with me. They’re older than “day”care, but I do night childcare, so, people don’t leave kids alone overnight sleeping. So they’ll be with me 3 nights a week from 7:30 pm to 7:30 am.  I have to turn time sheets in to KVC to get paid after.

My other two, almost 4 and 2, are Logan and Leif. They’re with me 5:30 pm to 6:30 am Wednesday through Friday and every other Saturday.  Their dad pays me cash in advance. 

Then, till the end of this school year, I have twelve-year-old Sian.  Wah! This will be my last year having her over in the mornings before school.  I don’t know how her mom and gramma and I are supposed to just stand back and let some bus take her away to junior high.

I will have time to catch up on some reading of your blogs once these dudes are asleep.  One of them already is.


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