Ey Man’jeLuci (currently working on follow-up, Dos Men’jeLuci, see what I done der?)

(I have been working on a project involving seven deadly sins, but it keeps taking, erm, taking a sort of a backseat, if you will…)

Ey Man’jeLuci 

…based on a true story, but not loosely at all…

“Long ago in a far away land, lived a Princess-“

<insert sound of record screeching to a stop, followed by the ding of typewriter’s cartridge return>

“It was one of literally over a thousand possible days, 1980 -something-“

“Cut! You’re a rock star, unique & self-loyal. Stop plagiarising!  TAKE THREE:”

“I was born a-“


“JUST HEAR ME OUT!  I WAS born as RED AS any DEVIL your books had ever shown; mean and ornery ..’Horn’ery… fun-spirited,  quirky, in a harmless Eddie Haskell sorta way.  The kinda kid ya had to know but never show to your mom… or anybody. ON TOP OF THAT, I WAS A GIRL.”

(Devil nods in agreement rubbing his palms against one another.  A glymspe of a smile begins to emerge.)

TO BE CONTINUED… anyone know where I  might take the devil himself and his fleusy to lunch around here?

as told by…      K.Not-Gnivoc, Eladiré, (sounds like one of those made-up G+ names)

    “Aunt Skary” if you’ré nasty (sorry)

You got to give to receive. The score: IOU 327 DISRESPECT / UOME 112 Sorries

“Say, what is this place? Topeka? Huh! I didn’t know hell had a basement.”


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