I often reflect on times past and future. I think of what I will eat later or what I said last week. Sometimes I think thoughts like

 I’m curious now, but one day I will know and what will I think of now me then? 

Will I think I was stupid when I was me now to inquire of things I don’t presently know but will then?

How did I know I will know them then and if I do know them then, then when’s then?

But let me tell the scariest thought that I have or ever will have had, I hope, was not now nor was it back then. It was when I remembered once thinking I’d wonder about my past self and realized I don’t judge then me for not knowing,  but now me should be ashamed of thinking such horrible thoughts about now me of whom innocent then me was kin.  

Sincerest apologies little then me. I let you down, not sure when, and I think it may happen again. But I hope I won’t hate the new now me for failing to protect us from things I knew then I would know when future now me thinks about the now then again…

I think I will never judge now me then, nor then me now, not now, not then, not ever again. 

I know I won’t do it and now just to prove it, now and then and then then me’s all me pile on into photoshop for a group hug. These feelings we have and have had and will have for each other must simply be captured on film, just in case we forget. It’s posterity. 

Imagine future me forgetting, then finding such photoshopped picture. If I misunderstand now me then I might break my promise to never judge my back when. Oh no, not again. Yes, again, now don’t fret. It won’t hurt. I won’t let it. I’ll never let that happen again.


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