The milk is not spoiled and you did not spill a drop, so just you quit crying dear, run get the mop.

Now mop up those tears, little girl, they are not pretty. You’ll have to look lovely dear. We must find you one who will buy diamonds a’plenty.

Oh no no, not that one dear, he’s going with Ginny. No, that you cannot have for yours, Nat saw him first.  Oh heavens no, my dear, it might just be cheaper to lock you indoors away from that servant boy, ew, look away. This child’s crap, could it get any deeper?

What’S that you say, my dear? Don’t give up so quickly. The rich boys will love you dear, when you gain some weight, my dear, you look a bit sickly.

You needn’t hide your feelings dear, I powdered your bottom. I think I can tell my dear, you do, you want one of them.  Give up this charade, dear, all girls your age marry.  Blasphemous independence, your father would die of shock. After all life insurance on him wasn’t enough.

He did remove himself at just the right time for us to get step-daddy to buy you those pretties. Pretty gowns, pretty shoes, and pretty make-up, will seal you a rich one dear, just stop that weeping.

Now what’s the matter dear? Why it’s that servant boy? Why are you looking?

Stop! Come on, you’ll get your way.  We’re not up for dating. In fact he’s my best friend, ma ma, he’s a fairy, mom, a queer.  C’mon Carl, let’s go grab a beer.

What, no, no, I told her you just buried your wife and weren’t yet daring.  She’d die of rich bitch shock if she knew we’d been married.  Shh, immigration’s here, pretend we’re in love.  They’ll deport your ass today, oh dear, if they find out you’re a queer?


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