Disclaimer: This was written about any one person. It’s about Topeka in general.

It’s incredible to me the lengths some people will go to in effort to feel superior, higher in rank, than others.  The lies do not measure up. The liars do not measure up. 

Liars want to, and believe they are, bigger than the rest of us “down here”.  But the ugly truth is, they’re really looking up while fooling themselves to believe that up is down.  No lie will ever stand tall and strong. No liar will ever be big and wise and mighty and powerful.

Liars are cowards and cowards are not big.  In fact, they’re quite small. Liars are the only ones believing their lies. Liars are the only ones duped. Sad, isn’t it? About the poor liars out there. There should be a charity.  Maybe we could raise awareness.  “The Liars’ Awareness Fund” and/or “Removing the Wool From Their Lying Eyes, A Charity Fundraiser”; maybe, hey, “The Cowardly Liar Foundation, Funding For The Courage To Be Honest With Ones Self”.

Maybe they should have meetings for support, support groups, ya know.  Maybe they’re prayer could state:

Oh Wiz, grant me the Brain 

To know I have been a fool

The Heart to confess that I am

The only one who has been duped by my lies

The courage to pull back 

The wool from my eyes

And some ruby red slippers 

So I can learn to walk in 

Someone else’s shoes, 

…………the wicked witch’s          shoes………

……She died cause she was    evil, ya know?

To what measure would I take such a fundraiser? Tell me. Deep down you’ll know the measure you describe will be a lie.  Deep down you’ll know it.  The rest of us knew before you got out of bed this morning, you were going to lie and dupe yourself.  We already knew. 


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