Pathetic, Annoying Pest

I waited there in the bright sunlight

Occasionally waving my arms

Shuffling my feet, anything

Just to get their attention. 

I began to think them blind.

After all, I wasn’t in the shade’

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky,

And the sun was shining.

They were interacting with each

other  so the could see and hear.

Oh, I see.  They have enough friends

And I’m annoying.  

Imagine how much more annoyed

They were by my noises and 

Movements for their attention.

I’ll bet deep down each one of 

Them is glad I finally went away.

I did it for them.  Cause I still care.

No reason to stalk me, see.

I’m still as pathetic as I ever was. 


The moonlight burns her eyes

So she reacheS for something 

Soothing to put in them.

How about this silver bullet.  

That’ll kill the pain.  

No, she glimmers.

If I am that awful to be around 

I deserve this pain.  


Alas, after only a year, two of them

Came to invite me to hang with them.

But I know it was for charity

And not because my presence isn’t 

Like nails on a chalkboard.  So I sit.









I sit and I wait. 











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