Ice Cold And Damned Are Unfixable Things

Will it serve you well to let me go

You know I love you, right

I’ll always be here, don’t you know

So sleep well through the night

It always lit my heart on fire

Just thinking about your eyes

Fills me up with so much desire

 I was in for a sad surprise

Now I must move on so let me go

I no longer believe in your smile

I admit I wrote the last thing for show

I’ve got a great sense my style

You  believe you are God’s great gift

You  must be one of those unfixable things

My halo is not gone it just needs a lift

Tale a look and you’ll still see my wings

I’m sorry your heart is the frozen kind

I tried pulling it up next to mine

It wasn’t the defrostable kind

So I had to leave it far behind

I’ll be okay, please give me my space

You’ll see in just a little while

The world has a hungering for grace

Another burden for your denial


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