More Cushion For The Pushin’, Oh My!

When people hear the word prude, they automatically think of an woman who withholds sex.  I fit that bill but not as a choice. 

As a teen, friends and I watched as a rottweiler humped a couch cushion laughing aas we didn’t think it would solve his problem.  Except it did.  And when it did we went into the house singing the various sounds of ralph in the mouth a bit.  Nearly every man I’ve met over the past 25 years has caused me to revisit that image as he opens his mouth to speak to me for the very first time.  Such animals they are to talk like that to a woman they don’t even know.  Why would I want to be in a room with the nude version that ?

That said prude is defined as a person who shows care or thought for the future. As in, the prude man was careful what he said to this woman he found attractive, as he knew not yet her interests nor boundaries.

I guess another fine example would be the teen, having had a prude upbringing, chose not to stick around to watch the cushion-humping dog.   Oh, how she still wishes she hadn’t stayed and watched that dog.


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