What do you when you got a passport in your possessions and nothing and no one left to stick around for?  Guess you better gather up what’s left of your dignity and self-respect, try and get all your tears shed before you walk out the door and then, just hightail it on outta there.  Another year or two and you might just start faking dumb just to have a name to curse and call a cheater.

You’re to good for that, lady.

Besides, you stay here, you’ll be dead by Sunday.

Willy Ray: “I tell ya. Sistah Self, and I  know shore nuff you’n me tawked bout it then.  Why I dohno about no pass port but I knowed some them poets passed DAT bridge back der a couple years back ith the big ol sign right up next to it says you gettin anudder chance to be a friend to them down south side.”

Ima Jean: “Whoooowee there sure was a lot of em come cross der lih whatever down coulnt been vury good company.”

Jimmy Joe: “dey’s all hollerin how dey wohn never wanna see day place gin no how. 

Kay Dee:I still have pictures of dem e-mails swearing how I meant something to em, but evidentially just a pen pal. IMA Jean:  You thinkin uh givin em a nudder shot.

IMA Jean:  You thinkin uh givin em a nudder shot.

Kay Dee: I’m not gonna do any thinkin. I dohn know nearly how my reactions are gonna feel about it.  I go from pissed to needy and then back to me, latherr, rinse, repeat.


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