Today my personality/mood test reveals:

You are off to a new start in your life and this is illustrated by openness to others, a natural sensitivity, a good emotional intellect and a great ability to listen and care for other

Why yes, you are so very correct.  I am off to a new start in life, hopefully death. Won’t you join me in hell?  Care for a s’more? We don’t give those out. They ain’t free, ya know! Openess to others. No, no, no. Don’t be spreading that nonsense. Someone’s liable to get hurt, set on fire and drowned. 

(Had to laugh a bit at that shit about natural sensitivity. We all have our breaking point and I’m feuled for a tractor trailer toss. Hell, screw lighting bitches on fire.  I’ll just flick ’em into the Mediterrainian with my pretty little ring finger, then scream, “You forgot your life jacket,”).

Your strongest point today :

Huh, you mean besides my tractor trailer tossing, people flicking arms?  

Your main qualities are: your intuition, your sense of creativity and your natural gift to find the beautiful. You are able to find more creative and richer solutions than most people.
You are currently driven by your determination to built, your capability to lead people and change things, as well by your constant quest for perfection.

Keyword: intuition, creativity, richer solutions.

However, I was not being “creative” above. Those are legit warnings based on the errors of past friends/acquaintances/family members and one dub bitch I may or may not have sent to the hospital.

I stopped giving fine fucks about perfection 10 Years ago.   The proof: my hair.

Shh…Indoor Voices!
.However, this time shall not last long and shall be also marked by the quality and depth of your analysis 

What? I really was enjoying my new neighbors in the forest. Was I to slovenly appearance (there’s that adverb again, Sorry Steve.) Hey,what’s wong with my analysis. I am not the one trying to pull off some psychic psychiatric psienctifical pshit, psuckah!
Oh! I was thinking about something earlier, or two days ago. 

Lemme grab it. 

Go ahead. Click with your clique. Scared?

And here’s this:


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