Go Fuck Yourself, None For Me, Thanks!

Always an excuse.

Always another reason.

I could find an overnight cure for cancer, HIV. and all things that ail. Won’t matter. They’ll still be talking down to me.

Fuck ’em.  They’ll have to fuck themselves or find a dumb slut to play the part of bitch.

You can take the boy out of Topeka.  But you can’t take Topeka out of the boy.

There’s a point at which it’s to late to make a man out of him. Old dogs just don’t learn new tricks. And I’m not a female dog. so noone will ever make me his bitch.

I’ll just be over here safeguarding my rights the only way I know how; ALONE TILL I DIE!

It’s hopeless cause every time I find a way out of this town, something happens. I’m so tired of crying. I’ve decided I’d rather die than spend another minute here.

I’m not aMused.  I am so UnAmUsed. Maybe it looks like I’m joking, but I’m not. Grow up or go fuck yourself.  Seriously, just shove it up your ass. YOUR ASS, noone else’s. A little math; your bullshit does not equal my problem.  You’ve proven I can’t trust you with a $5 bill. So I definitely don’t trust you with my me. And you’re doing nothing to change that.

I’d rather die than let you fuck me on your sick terms. I’d rather die than live anymore, period!


Are you happy now? You said I was fat. You said I was ugly. You said you wanted to rape me. Now I’m alone, feeling fat and ugly and begging you to stop.

I just want to die. And you won’t be changing that by telling me the many ways you want to FUCK me. Why is that so hard to understand? Why can’t you be who you once pretended to be?  Oh yeah right, cause you were only trying to get my money.  You told me that. I knew that.

I know that.



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