Opposites Attract, Initially

Opposites attract, sure. I can understand, from a personal standpoint, how a good person can view danger as alluring, and vice versa.  We get tired of the same old thing and are lured in by the opposite.

But it is temporary attraction.  Such relationships become filled with controversy.  Losers don’t belong with winners.  Good hearts should never be weighed down by the heartless. Dramaholics have no business messing with the sane. 

Keep your controversy to yourself.  I like my life and my relationships stable, drama free, without jealousy and malice.  I have lived the stable life and I prefer it to the insanity I see on the other side.


6 thoughts on “Opposites Attract, Initially

  1. Unfortunately, I did not follow that advice a few times. I wish I would have it would have saved much grief, and many lkst years. You think once would have been enough, but no, not for me.


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