Not Your Notch, Nor Yours, Nope, No Luck

Every shithead, upon seeing I am no easy notch, decides he should “become my friend” and, of all methods, by laughing “with” me at the many “fools” who got shot down.  Like that makes them foolish.  It makes me wise, dumbass, but keep driving me around, buying me beer, and telling everyone how cool I am.  The day will come…

The day always comes… when “just a friend”, without warning, makes a move and a not-so-subtle one at that, gets pushed away, and becomes the angriest letch on two feet.  After all, he’s the king.  He was supposed to, after telling everyone he knows I can’t be played, move in and play me in one night, leaving me stalking him, so everyone would see he’s the catch.  But I, fucking bitch, rejected “him”.  

Now it gets better cause he spends the rest of his life talking shit about me to everyone always, never again getting laid, just occasionally aggressive sex to ease the tension a tiny bit.   

Meanwhile, the next “king playa” and I are laughing at him, drinking beer…  I don’t choose to use or play these guys.  I warn every one of them. Still I’m the cold-hearted, golddigging bitch.  


(It’s been some time, but I see this one coming.  They all look familiar after a bit.)

To be honest, I really hope I’m wrong.  And I truly could be.  This could be the one who doesn’t.  But who’ll know. With all the threats against me, I’ll never let him near me now.


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